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bluArc's Business Analytics Dashboard

A browser-based dashboard that provides enhanced business intelligence through real-time analytics of calls, presence, monitoring, and more.

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With the advent of modern digital transformation initiatives, all companies now require greater insight into what their team members are doing on a daily and even on a minute-to-minute basis to manage everything from productivity, to customer service, and more. The best place to start is to have access to comprehensive dashboards that show the details required to effectively manage team members’ activities.

bluArc’s knowledgeConnect Call Analytics, Monitoring and Presence Dashboard Portal provides a comprehensive real-time analytics view of the company’s daily call volumes, extension and group call events and presence activities, as well as call history over a 24-hour period (midnight through to the end of the day).

Additionally, bluArc users who have been assigned administrative access to their company’s phone system can simply log into the knowledgeConnect dashboard using the company’s phone number, their personal extension and PIN.

The Features of Analytics


Today’s Total Calls

A real-time numerical display of the number of inbound, outbound, internal and unanswered calls, along with the sum of all call types (Total Calls) from midnight to the end of the day (24-hour period).

Today’s Busiest Hour

A real-time graphical view of total inbound, outbound and internal calls made and/or received during each hour from midnight to the end of the day.

Today’s Busiest Extension

A real-time graphical view along with numeric values of the daily call counts for each extension, group and auto attendant from midnight to the end of the day.

Presence Events Display

A real-time view of the status of all the extensions on bluArc’s Phone Service.

Searchable Call History

The Call History Tab displays complete call details for all inbound, outbound and internal calls over a 24-hour period. Administrators have the ability to use the search function to locate all calls to and/or from specific numbers or extensions, or that occurred at a specific time of the day.

Inbound Call Count by Department or Group

By selecting a Department or Group from the menu list, you will be able to see the Presence or Status of all the users/extensions that are part of that Group/Department, as well as the Total Calls that were received by all members of the Group.
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