Why are we Canada’s #1 Hosted Business Phone Service?

Because bluArc takes its clients’ business processes, environment, and goals into consideration each and every time.

Unlike its competitors, bluArc’s technology not only enables it to deliver voice and data services with the quality, security and reliability of a traditional network, but also with the simplicity, the richness of feature, and the cost effectiveness that businesses demand.

Evergreen & Future-proof

What if we told you that you never have to upgrade your phone system again?

The advanced modern system you purchase today, will be the advanced modern system tomorrow as bluArc continues to enhance its service platform. Your company will always have current technology.

Trusted. Secure.

Companies are facing increasing cyberattacks—business phone systems are not immune.

bluArc has stopped more than 10 million cyberattacks on its network. Our hosted business phone and internet services undergo rigorous continuous security upgrades, and we constantly monitor it to ensure call traffic remains secure.

Reliability. Availability. Resiliency.

Never suffer from a lack of availability and voice quality again!

bluArc systematically ensures that voice and data services are always available for your employees and customers with no downtime.

Always Here to Help

At bluArc, we resolve 90% of our support challenges on the first call or email—because customer service is our #1 priority.

We pride ourselves on our live and local support, our support organization consisting of telecommunications professionals with real telecommunications backgrounds, and our comprehensive system upgrades that we include free of charge.

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