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Spotlight Premium Service | textConnect

Spotlight Premium Service | textConnect

To get summer officially rolling, this month brings with it yet another big announcement. Starting July 8, 2019, we are offering our brand-new service called textConnect. It's a highly unique SMS Service that enables your customers to seamlessly connect with your...

Spotlight Premium Service | knowledgeConnect

This month brings with it another big announcement.  Starting June 1, 2019, we are now offering our brand-new service: a browser-based dashboard that provides enhanced business intelligence through real-time analytics of calls, monitoring, and more. In fact, you'll be...

If it ain’t broke, still fix it.

In a day and age where technology seems to change on a moment-to-moment basis, the number of late adopters of the hosted business phone model still astounds me. It seems as though companies have an almost nostalgic connection to their aging PBX phone systems—why I...

Is your Customer Support killing your brand?

When it comes to the world of technical support and customer care, I think it’s safe to say that we have all experienced horrific service at least once in our lives. And those experiences can stem from a multitude of areas associated with a company’s outward-facing...

How vulnerable is your phone system to hackers?

In this day and age, it seems as though IT security attacks have become commonplace. Every day, we seem to hear that yet another company has been hacked and its data stolen and used to exploit the organization and its customers. This has spawned an entirely new...

It’s not always about features and functionality

In today’s always-on world, unified cloud communications have become the backbone for global business. However, like any technology that becomes commoditized, the majority of solutions get boiled down to two main categories: feature/function and price. The challenge...

What does “evergreen” really mean?

We hear many companies talking about being “evergreen,” a rather vague term that doesn’t really say what it means for their customers. When a company offers an “evergreen solution,” it brings to mind ideas about the environment and sustainability, but that’s not the...

bluArc Receives Consumer Choice Award 2017

bluArc Receives Consumer Choice Award 2017 Top hosted business phone and internet service provider in Canada’s National Capital Region May 16, 2017 – Ottawa, Canada – bluArc, Canada’s #1 hosted business phone and internet service provider, announced today that it has...

How Cloud-Based Phone Systems Boost Your Business

WHAT INDUSTRIES ARE BETTER SUITED FOR CLOUD-BASED PHONE SYSTEMS? When looking at various options for your business, a reasonable question to ask would be: Are there industries or types of businesses that are better suited to using a cloud-based phone system? The...


Do you find it difficult to stay focused at work? Even if we love what we do, sometimes we find ourselves getting distracted. This is normal at work, but we can make those distractions less frequent while increasing our productivity. Here are five suggestions that...

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