Extends capability to connect full business phone system directly to mobile devices

February 4, 2013 - Ottawa - bluArc, Canada's premiere Hosted Business Phone and Internet Services company, announced today a new service offering that eliminates the need for the traditional office desk  phone. The offering-an extension of bluArc's patented hosted business phone system-gives companies the convenience of forgoing traditional business phones within their work environment, instead they can connect their phone system directly to any mobile or smart phone.

Based on bluArc's established Phone Twinning functionality, the new Phoneless Office Service enables users to seamlessly connect their desk phone extension or direct number to their mobile device. Now, with the functionality being utilized on a much more frequent basis by thousands of bluArc customers, the company is now offering it as a standalone service. However, far beyond pre-existing functions, bluArc is also planning to release an application later this year that will fully extend desk-phone functionality directly to mobile devices.

The upcoming mobile application will enable customers to experience desk-phone functionality directly on their mobile device, including call transfer, three-way calling, and more. Additionally, administrative users will continue to enjoy comprehensive control of a company's complete phone system from the convenience of their mobile device-being able to add and augment functionality through the bluArc Customer Portal.

"The decision to create a phoneless office system didn't come overnight," commented Larry Poirier, bluArc's Chief Strategy Officer. "The desk phone is something that people have an ingrained connection to. It represents a constant connection to colleagues and customers at the touch of a button. However, with the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, and with so many functions pertaining to business process applied to them, connecting the work-phone functionality to the mobile mindset is a logical evolution."

With mobility now enabling users to manage their businesses and jobs from virtually anywhere-the smart phone facilitates managing a whole telephone system, thus accessing business-critical tools from anywhere. Concerning the seemingly futuristic aspects of the new offering, the functionality is also very much rooted in the pragmatic. With mobile worker technology being at the forefront of modern business practices, users of hosted business phone systems must consider multiple business process applications.

"Though this technology isn't new to us, it is to the outside world," said Jay Swayze, President and CEO of bluArc. "That said, moving companies entirely to mobile devices isn't our intention. However, with so many small to medium sized companies having this unique need, our new Phoneless Office Service becomes the perfect solution. The elimination of the desk phone fits the requirements of real-estate companies, media firms, and those companies that require a more mobile and diverse workforce. The future is coming where one day traditional office phones may very well disappear-we simply want to be the first to offer such a unique solution."

As the complexities of business continuity, mobile workers, remote management, and access become a challenge, bluArc continues to be at the forefront of connecting everyone, everywhere-quickly and easily. For more information regarding bluArc's full suite of Hosted Business Phone and Internet Services, visit www.bluArc.ca.