28 Jun 2017

In today’s business environment, business connectivity is so much more than just a desk phone. It’s about connecting people to premium services and functionality through superior cloud technology that enhances business, productivity, and lifestyle. As a bluArc customer, this webinar will deliver insight as to how additional functionality can positively impact your business, sales growth, […]

05 Aug 2015

How the self-hosted VoIP phone system ultimately failed business The 21st century has seen, and will continue to see, the evolution of communications technology. It is that same evolution that enabled businesses to move away from the traditional phone systems, and companies—to become their own phone provider. It is this dynamic however that led to […]

03 Jun 2014

The world of IT infrastructure seems to change almost daily––we are continually being inundated with new devices, new services and new technology. Paired with this, we are now pressured to migrate away from traditional infrastructure—and put everything in the so-called “Cloud.” Topics to be discussed in this Webinar: The difference, if any, between “Cloud” and […]