bluArc’s mobileConnect enables you to vastly extend your Hosted Business Phone functionality—full device mobility with features as twinning, forwarding, and fax to mail all from the comfort of your smartphone.


trueConnect offers the only true alternative to traditional phone systems. bluArc’s Hosted Business Phone solution delivers voice and data services with full-featured functionality, and operating on bluArc’s private and secure network.


Without compromise, openConnect supports all the features of bluArc’s other Hosted Business Phone packages, but with the freedom to use a broadband connection from your provider of choice.

Although everyone starts with surfing a website to get the answers they are looking for, sometimes it’s nice to simply download a document to take with you, share with colleagues, and archive for later use. Download our brochure—it has everything you need to begin your journey in connecting everyone, everywhere.

  • Ottawa Office

    883 Boyd Ave., Suite 300
    Ottawa Ontario, K2A 2E2

    Telephone: 613.254.6590
    Fax: 613.254.6594

  • Toronto Office

    130 Spadina Avenue, Suite 602
    Toronto, ON M5V 2L4

    Telephone: 416.309.2350
    Fax: 416.309.2354