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Enable your customers to seamlessly connect with your business by facilitating text messaging via SMS capabilities to your existing phone numbers.    

Text Messages: Receive and reply … anytime, anywhere.

Text messaging has become an integral component of daily communication practices. In many cases, it has superseded the initial call stage for the preference of quick and to-the-point interaction. Not to mention, the next generation of people entering the workforce has for years relied on text messaging in many forms including social media, commerce, and more. Therefore, receiving text messages directly through your business phone numbers is not a trend to be ignored—it is a necessity to maintain relevance in a rapidly evolving world.

textConnect, bluARc’s intelligent text/SMS capabilities service, enables businesses of all types to accept text messages through their business phone numbers, receive the text messages via assigned email accounts, and even respond from those email accounts back through the text message to the originator of the initial text. Furthermore, responses can be fully automated: responding to a business’s most common inquiries automatically.

The benefits of constant connectivity

Whether voice, email, fax machine, website, or social media, the need to connect everyone, everywhere through their desired means of communication is imperative for ongoing business success. bluArc’s textConnect service is the next logical step in ensuring people can connect by any, and all means possible, in a way that they feel most comfortable.

Here are just a few examples of how your customers can use textConnect:

  • Technical Support – Enable customers to submit technical issues to tech support team members, ask technical questions associated with logged trouble tickets, and more.
  • Product and Service Sales Inquires – Empower the sales team to answer sales questions, or address product questions more quickly and easily from anywhere, without the need to be “logged in” at their desk to a website chat system.
  • Appointment Scheduling – Enable customers to seamlessly book and/or reschedule appointments without the need for tying up phone lines, and with fewer scheduling mistakes. The perfect solution for doctors, dentists, lawyers, veterinarians, stylists, physical and massage therapy clinics, and more.
  • Enhanced Marketing Initiatives – Receive actionable and measurable real-time feedback from campaigns, surveys, purchase requests, individual customer feedback, and so on—all with the ability to integrate directly into a CRM via email.
The features that keep you connected
Intelligent & Interactive Auto Response
Train system to automatically answer simple text messages in real time based on time of day, week, or special occasions, etc.

Multiple Send & Receive Capabilities
Receive or send text messages via email, a secure web portal, or through mobile devices

Multi-user / Agent Environment
Enables multiple staff members to receive and respond to text messages from the same number

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