bluArc mobileConnect for Windows PC, Mac, Android and iPhone

bluArc’s software-based phone application allows Windows PC, Mac, Android and iPhone users to turn their devices into phone extensions on bluArc’s Hosted Business Phone platform.

Leveraging a LAN, Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection, you can seamlessly and securely register your device on the bluArc service platform. This enables you to connect to everyone, everywhere as if you were calling from your office.

bluArc’s Windows PC, Mac, iPhone and Android mobileConnect is a SIP-based phone for Apple iPhone, Android Smartphones, Windows PC and Mac desktops that use a LAN, Wi-Fi, or cellular data network connection to make and receive calls.

It is designed specifically for mobile employees. bluArc’s mobileConnect:

  • Connects on-the-fly wherever a network is available, allowing you to make and receive calls as if you were in the office
  • Leverages freely available Wi-Fi connections to bypass expensive roaming charges while you are traveling
  • Enables you to use your mobileConnect as a primary business phone while you are in your home or work office
  • Allows you to work flexibly from any location—yet still remain connected and available for calls from your customers and employees

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