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If it ain’t broke, still fix it.

If it ain’t broke, still fix it.

In a day and age where technology seems to change on a moment-to-moment basis, the number of late adopters of the hosted business phone model still astounds me. It seems as though companies have an almost nostalgic connection to their aging PBX phone systems—why I...

bluArc Client Profile : Ottawa Tourism

Ottawa Tourism provides industry leadership and destination marketing to attract visitors, tours and conventions to Ottawa and Canada’s Capital Region. Founded in 1971, Ottawa Tourism is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization, with 350 tourism-related member...

Connecting Everyone – Everywhere

A small business challenge solved by Rick Koenders, VP of Business Development and Marketing, bluArc Communications Small- or medium-sized businesses with multiple sites struggle to easily and cost-effectively connect their sites. We can clearly identify their...

The Fundamental Shift in Telecommunications

— by Rick Koenders, VP of Business Development and Marketing, bluArc Communications Many years ago, while employed by an international phone system manufacturer, I attended a quarterly company pep rally where our CEO exhorted: “The wave is here.” He was referring to...

The Myths & Realities of the Voice Over IP Network

The Myths & Realities of the Voice Over IP Network At bluArc, we often hear customers express their concerns about VoIP. Their concerns typically revolve around reliability and call quality based on VoIP experiences with services that use the Internet for voice...

Under The Hood

Under The Hood When I was first asked to write a blog about what goes on behind the scenes in the Operations area of bluArc, my first thought was "who'd want to know?" followed shortly thereafter by "do we really want our customers to know?" :-). When I think about...

VoIP, the Dirty Acronym?

VoIP, the Dirty Acronym? In positioning the types of services that BluArc offers I am often reluctant to use the word VoIP. BluArc offers hosted VoIP that actually works, we’ve been doing it successfully for 6 years. However, for those who have had poor experiences...

Future Proofing with bluArc

Future Proofing with bluArc Many years ago at a Press technology Trade Show I was asked about what the future prospects were for VoIP as a technology to replace the TDM technology of the time. My response was that ‘it was a slam dunk.’ By this, I meant that there was...

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