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With more than 14 years in business, bluArc has become the #1 hosted business phone company in Canada. Its Hosted Business Phone Service eliminates the complexity and high cost of a company’s telephone and internet services, and enables companies to manage and control their systems easily through bluArc’s customer self-serve portal. Companies can also add or remove services as required. Any modifications can be scaled to meet specific business demands—as the business grows, phones and features can be added with just a few clicks.

bluArc’s software-based services platform provides the same features as traditional phone systems, and is located offsite. Thus, avoiding the up-front capital expense of a complex PBX system. bluArc’s Hosted Business Phone and Business Grade Internet services provide unlimited scalability with minimal or no capital expenditure.

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Corporate Headquarters

80 Aberdeen Street
Suite 400
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5R5