bluArc Hosted Business Phone & Internet Services announces new Redundant Internet Services

New offering far exceeds Internet Service of common VoIP Providers

July 14, 2016 – Ottawa, Ontario – bluArc, Canada’s #1 hosted business phone company, announced today that it will be introducing redundant internet services to its Canadian client base. The company, one that has built its reputation on being the leader in voice quality and innovative business telephony services, will make the service available starting July 15, 2016.

At that time, customers with mission-critical service needs will be able to purchase the new offering. It will give them a fully redundant internet service through bluArc’s secure private IP network—one that greatly differentiates bluArc’s services from other more common “VoIP” services that simply provide voice services over public internet connections. To date, bluArc will be one of only a few Canadian service providers who can offer true redundant internet connections across carriers.

Beginning this month, customers will be given the choice of a multitude of access types such as Fibre, Ethernet over Cable, DSL or T1. The new service means that bluArc can automatically failover voice and internet services across any of the aforementioned access types—meaning that customers do not need to make any additional investments in on-premise equipment as all failover functionality is automatically managed by bluArc’s state-of-the-art Network Operation Centre (NOC).

“We are truly excited to announce the availability of redundant internet for our customers,” commented Jay Swayze, President and CEO of bluArc. “With the growth of hosted business phone services and cloud computing, internet connections for small and medium businesses are becoming more and more essential every day. The sustained ability to not only maintain voice services, but also connectivity to other cloud providers to ensure business continuity, backups, and access to files is paramount for business success. It is for this reason that bluArc has made huge investments into its core network. Furthermore, we will also be announcing a series of products and services that will leverage our extensive private IP network in the months to come—again delivering unmatched services to the Canadian business community.”

bluArc is proud to be 100% Canadian owned and operated. All its facilities are based in Canada and it is committed wholeheartedly to its Canadian clients. After 10+ years in business, bluArc has become the unequivocal #1 hosted business phone company in Canada by taking its clients’ business processes, environment, and goals into consideration. Unlike its competitors, bluArc’s technology not only enables it to deliver voice and data services with the quality, security and reliability of a traditional network, but also with the simplicity, the richness of feature, and the cost effectiveness that businesses demand. Further, bluArc’s Hosted Business Phone and Business Grade Internet Services provide unlimited scalability with minimal or no capital expenditure.