bluArc Announces Release of New Transformational Mobile Technology 

mobileConnect Version 2.0 enables Bring-Your-Own-Number to replace traditional desk phones

November 8, 2016 – Ottawa, Canada – bluArc, Canada’s #1 hosted business phone company, announced today the release of its new transformational mobile technology: mobileConnect 2.0. Featuring bring-your-own-number connectivity, mobileConnect 2.0 untethers everyone within an office environment, enabling all mobile devices to mirror traditional desktop functionality.

The project, which has been at the forefront of bluArc’s innovation schedule, adds new features to the company’s already robust mobileConnect service. With the release of Version 2.0, all bluArc customers will have the choice to forgo traditional desk phones, thus making their personal mobile devices their primary business phone—using them as traditional extensions (including participating in call groups), connecting to auto attendants, and having direct (inward dialling) numbers.

With mobileConnect 2.0, customers can now extend their experience through the use of any personal mobile phone number from any third-party carrier. Because employees and employers can use their own number, anyone can connect their mobile phone to the bluArc system at any time.

With the release of mobileConnect 2.0—for Windows PC, Mac, Android and iPhone—the customer can use the revolutionary bluArc mobile app to transform their mobile device into a fully mobilized desk phone via Wi-Fi or LTE. This functionality enables communications though internet-connected Wi-Fi, delivering work flexibility from any location, while ensuring the user remains connected and available for calls from clients and fellow employees.

This connectivity is the first of its kind in Canada, as many business phone providers require all users to be on the same mobile network. Now, with bluArc, the number of individual mobile carriers is irrelevant. It is this ease of connectivity, choice and use that leads to the simplicity of the highly anticipated bring-your-own-number approach to office mobility.

“It’s no surprise the mobile device has become the hub of connectivity,” said bluArc’s President and CEO, Jay Swayze. “The proliferation of apps related to all aspects of our lives has become the gravitational pull that continually connects us to our phones. From work-related materials, to personal connectivity such as social media, banking, games, books, and more—the mobile device is now a part of everyone’s day-to-day life. Now, by making the bring-your-own-number dynamic an integral part of business communications, the transition away from traditional desk phones is immediate for anyone who wants to adopt a fully mobile lifestyle while remaining as effective as possible—if not more so—in terms of their job and their work.”

In addition to the announcement of the new reach in connectivity option and plans, bluArc has listed several new leading-edge business features and functions to its already impressive system architecture. The company has also recently aligned its product with world-renowned soft-phone company, CounterPath, to deliver its mobile phone app, which is available now. As well, bluArc also offers a multitude of premium services, including audio and video conferencing, call recording, call centre services, and highly advanced redundant business internet.

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