Release of Phone Features that far exceed those of Competitors

Ottawa, February 5, 2015 – bluArc, Canada’s number one hosted business phone and internet services provider, announced today that it has vastly expanded the company’s service offerings. The move to offer new plans, connectivity models and features, means bluArc’s service offerings now far exceed those offered by other major competitors in the space.

The announcement comes in conjunction with a host of new materials as indicated on bluArc’s website. The most prominent change is that bluArc now offers three separate plans, giving its customers a choice of any connectivity model they want—in any configuration they want.

The three new plans—mobileConnect, trueConnect, and openConnect—offer customers the ability to experience full-service capabilities from the device of their choice, and through the internet connection of their choice.

The first in the lineup of new offerings is the company’s mobileConnect: a plan that enables customers to utilize full device mobility along with such features as twinning, forwarding, and fax-to-mail—all from the comfort of their smartphone device. mobileConnect, bluArc’s state-of-the-art Mobile Office Phone System, was created for companies that have a disparate workforce: mobile employees, or simply those that resonate with the mobile world of connectivity as a whole—the need for traditional desk phones being perceived as a thing of the past.

As a second and third option, customers of the hosted business phone and internet services company can choose between the traditional trueConnect that delivers full and secure network connectivity, or the newer openConnect that delivers comprehensive business VoIP phone functionality—all through the internet connection of the customer’s choice.

“The new plans are just the tip of the iceberg,” commented bluArc’s Chief Strategy Officer, Larry Poirier. “The world of telephony is always changing, and it’s for this reason that we have built this new foundation giving any type of customer the choice of how they wish to connect. That platform will now serve as the basis of a multitude of new functionalities—from call recording, to new apps, and comprehensive online management tools, just to name a few. Here at bluArc, we felt that to compete with the reality of how people connect, we needed to create a system that truly gives choice from any and all perspectives. 2015 is going to be an exciting time as we launch a multitude of new features that will truly connect everyone, everywhere.”

In addition to the announcement of the new connectivity options and plans, bluArc has listed several new leading-edge business features and functions to their already impressive system architecture. The company has also recently aligned its product with world-renowned softphone company, CounterPath, to deliver its new phone app, which is available now. As well, bluArc also offers voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, call recording, and more.

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About bluArc

With close to 10 years in business, bluArc has become the unequivocal #1 Hosted Business Phone Company in Canada. How did this happen? It happened because bluArc takes its clients’ business processes, environment, and goals into consideration each and every time.

Unlike its competitors, bluArc’s technology not only enables it to deliver voice and data services with the quality, security and reliability of a traditional network, but also with the simplicity, the richness of feature, and the cost effectiveness that businesses demand. Further, bluArc’s Hosted Business Phone and Business Grade Internet services provide unlimited scalability with minimal or no capital expenditure.

bluArc also understands lifestyle. The workplace is no longer a single desk, with a single phone—it is now anywhere and everywhere you need to be. Thus, for those businesses with multiple offices and locations, bluArc operates a private network that enables its clients to seamlessly connect offices site to site, integrating multiple sites, and connecting remote locations. bluArc’s Hosted Business Phone solution connects everyone, everywhere—transforming communications between co-workers and clients.