Voice over IP plan offers businesses same service level as private network solution

Ottawa, March 26, 2015 – bluArc, Canada’s number one hosted business phone and internet services provider, announced today that it will now offer a comprehensive Business VoIP Solution as part of its service offering expansion. The move to offer business-grade VoIP across Canada, means bluArc’s service offerings now far exceed those offered by other major competitors in the space.

The new service—entitled openConnect—now extends bluArc’s more traditional Hosted Business Phone service to an open connectivity model that enables its customers to connect via the internet connection of their choice. Leveraging the power of an existing internet connection, openConnect uses the internet to deliver bluArc’s Hosted Business VoIP Solution “openConnect” through leading-edge cloud technology. Without compromise, the openConnect Business VoIP Solution supports all the features of bluArc’s other packages, but with the freedom to use a broadband connection from the customer’s provider of choice.

“This is a major step in bluArc’s technological evolution,” commented bluArc’s President and CEO, Jay Swayze. “Since our inception, we have purposely avoided VoIP technology—our solution is rooted in the far more robust and secure private network Hosted Business Phone model. We did this due to the infancy and inherent issues with VoIP phone systems, ones that have plagued and disappointed businesses for years. That said, with our expertise in business phone services, coupled with technological advancements made by internet service providers so they can provide adequate internet for business phone use, we felt that we could finally throw our hat into the ring to provide the best business-only VoIP solution Canada has to offer.”

“It must sound odd that a company renowned as being Canada’s number one Hosted Business Phone Provider has now entered into the VoIP market—a service that until now has been the antithesis of what our company does,” said Rick Koenders, bluArc’s Director of Business Development. “However, we knew that the time was right to bring our team’s decades of business telecom experience to the market—delivering an actual business-class VoIP solution. Though many companies may claim to offer VoIP, for the most part it remains the same old technology that has been around for decades—one that has led to much of our success in market acquisition as we continually removed the pain associated with VoIP. Now, customers can experience the true bluArc Hosted Business Phone service, simply choosing to use an alternate ISP. That said, if their ISP can’t keep up, they can use our tool to test and monitor their ISP and switch to bluArc’s trueConnect private network internet immediately—thus, the best of all worlds in one.”

In addition to the announcement of the new OpenConnect connectivity option and plans, bluArc has listed several new leading-edge business features and functions to their already impressive system architecture. The company has also recently aligned its product with world-renowned softphone company, CounterPath, to deliver its new phone app, which is available now. As well, bluArc also offers voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, call recording, and more.