bluArc, Canada’s #1 Hosted Business Phone company, announced today that it has officially added the capabilities and support of Polycom phones to its network. The move, one that once again vastly extends bluArc’s service offerings, will not only enable current customers to choose from a wider variety of phones, but also enable businesses that own Polycom phones to switch to bluArc without the need for desktop replacement hardware.

Polycom’s award-winning phones are designed to help teams move faster with exceptional audio quality and built-in flexibility. bluArc’s open standards approach to desk phones provides best-of-breed results and makes collaboration effortless—delivering a first-class phone experience with enterprise-grade audio and robust interoperability.

Beginning Tuesday, October 3, 2017, bluArc will make available Polycom’s VVX series of phones including Polycom VVX 300, 310, 400, 410, 500. In addition to the new phones, bluArc enables ease-of-use management through its award-winning customer self-service web portal, as well as the automatic configuration and provisioning of its service—requiring zero-touch by the customer to install.

This combination is far beyond that of the company’s national competitors—some simply ship phones to their customers, requiring them to set-up their systems themselves with nothing more than FAQs and instructions. In bluArc’s case, customers have ease of set-up, paired with an exceptional portal and 24/7/365 local support.

“This is just another step in our ongoing evolution,” commented Jay Swayze, bluArc’s Chief Executive Officer. “Now, with the addition of Polycom, our customers have much more freedom of choice—whether that is through traditional desk phones or mobile applications such as soft-phones. In all, bluArc simply wants to provide as much choice and variety as possible to ensure that our customers can create whatever work environment suits them best.”

Further to the addition of the new phones, owners of Polycom devices who wish to switch to bluArc will have the same access to and benefit of the company’s private and highly secure network.

With the increase in cyber-security threats, bluArc’s private network has helped countless companies avoid issues that plague common Voice Over IP (VoIP) users who make calls through their regular ISPs over unsecured internet connections. With bluArc’s highly robust network infrastructure, customers are far better protected against hacking and the potential of highly sensitive conversations being stolen through packet hijacking—the stealing of voice data in real time.

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