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bluArc’s proConnect Service allows businesses to seamlessly connect a primary and secondary broadband connection from bluArc that allows for seamless failover in the event of any single circuit loss. By provisioning broadband circuits from different providers, bluArc’s proConnect Service is designed to provide the industry’s highest levels of resiliency for voice and data.

proConnect Benefits

  • Always available voice and data services enable your staff to remain available to serve your customers’ needs in the event of any single broadband failure
  • Hands-off failover to redundant circuit and automatic failback on circuit restore
  • Full IP address failover allowing for continuity of data services requiring static IP addresses
  • Failover across different broadband service access types and providers adds to resiliency levels by diversifying access routes
  • Cost effective and easy to implement
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proConnect Features

bluArc’s proConnect Service will automatically detect loss of network connectivity and automatically failover to an alternate access and automatically failback.

During a failover all voice and data services that use static IPs such as VPNs, mail servers, web servers, etc., will continue to operate without end user intervention. Upon restoration of the primary access the service will automatically failback.

For service assurance, customers receive notification if an access service has failed and has been restored.