28 Jun 2017

In today’s business environment, business connectivity is so much more than just a desk phone. It’s about connecting people to premium services and functionality through superior cloud technology that enhances business, productivity, and lifestyle.

As a bluArc customer, this webinar will deliver insight as to how additional functionality can positively impact your business, sales growth, and customer relations.

  • With bluArc’s allConnect Audio and Video Conferencing Service, you can have more ways to communicate and collaborate across time and distance.
  • With bluArc’s assureConnect Call Recording Service, you can record both inbound and outbound calls to and from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)—without the need to install, manage or maintain your own equipment and applications.
  • With bluArc’s clientConnect Call Centre Service, which utilizes cloud-based contact centre software, you can easily deliver world-class customer service.
  • With bluArc’s proConnect Service you can have more ways to ensure that voice and data services are always available for your customers and staff.

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