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How did this happen? It happened because bluArc takes its clients’ business processes, environment, and goals into consideration each and every time.

Unlike its competitors, bluArc’s platform—know as Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS)—not only enables it to deliver voice and data services with the quality, security and reliability of a traditional network, but also with the simplicity, the richness of feature, and the cost effectiveness that businesses demand. Further, bluArc’s Hosted Business Phone and Business Grade Internet services provide unlimited scalability with minimal or no capital expenditure.

bluArc also understands lifestyle. The workplace is no longer a single desk, with a single phone—it is now anywhere and everywhere you need to be. Thus, for those businesses with multiple offices and locations, bluArc operates a private network that enables its clients to seamlessly connect offices site to site, integrating multiple sites, and connecting remote locations. bluArc’s Hosted Business Phone solution connects everyone, everywhere—transforming communications between co-workers and clients.