13 Feb 2017

WHAT INDUSTRIES ARE BETTER SUITED FOR CLOUD-BASED PHONE SYSTEMS? When looking at various options for your business, a reasonable question to ask would be: Are there industries or types of businesses that are better suited to using a cloud-based phone system? The answer would be most industries and types of businesses would be better suited. […]

30 Jan 2017

Do you find it difficult to stay focused at work? Even if we love what we do, sometimes we find ourselves getting distracted. This is normal at work, but we can make those distractions less frequent while increasing our productivity. Here are five suggestions that will help you keep focused at work: IDEAL WORK SPACE […]

19 Mar 2014

When we install our systems and services, organizations tell us that they want to move to a gigabit LAN. Motives vary, and as an engineer I always like to know what problem they’re trying to solve by going to a gigabit LAN. We hear things such as: We want to take this opportunity to future-proof […]

22 Apr 2013

bluArc has been at the forefront of providing cloud hosted services to small- and medium-sized businesses. In fact, bluArc has been delivering Hosted Business Phone and Internet Services across Canada for over seven years from its core service centres in Toronto and Ottawa. Our Fundamental Philosophy—A Private Network When we embarked on delivering cloud services […]

08 Apr 2013

Phone Tip of The Week: Auto Attendant How to solve “My customers are having trouble reaching me!” One of the complaints we hear often from our prospective clients is that it’s difficult for their customers to reach them. Specifically, their customers call the office and try navigating through a complicated auto attendant menu only to […]

27 Nov 2012

External Call Forwarding versus Call Twinning I am often asked what the differences are between call forwarding and call twinning on the bluArc system. The bluArc system has both features available, but it’s useful to know when either feature should be optimally used. When a call is forwarded to an external number the bluArc system […]

24 Apr 2012

A small business challenge solved by Rick Koenders, VP of Business Development and Marketing, bluArc Communications Small- or medium-sized businesses with multiple sites struggle to easily and cost-effectively connect their sites. We can clearly identify their challenges and quickly identify how they can connect everyone—everywhere. Challenges facing small businesses Connecting remote offices for voice, video […]

13 Feb 2012

— by Rick Koenders, VP of Business Development and Marketing, bluArc Communications Many years ago, while employed by an international phone system manufacturer, I attended a quarterly company pep rally where our CEO exhorted: “The wave is here.” He was referring to the new wave in wireline telecommunications—the wave of IP based phone systems. While […]

18 Jul 2011

The Myths & Realities of the Voice Over IP Network At bluArc, we often hear customers express their concerns about VoIP. Their concerns typically revolve around reliability and call quality based on VoIP experiences with services that use the Internet for voice services. bluArc empathizes with these concerns––the same concerns motivated us to start bluArc. […]

16 Jun 2011

Under The Hood When I was first asked to write a blog about what goes on behind the scenes in the Operations area of bluArc, my first thought was “who’d want to know?” followed shortly thereafter by “do we really want our customers to know?” :-). When I think about the relationships that we’ve developed […]