28 Jun 2017

In today’s business environment, business connectivity is so much more than just a desk phone. It’s about connecting people to premium services and functionality through superior cloud technology that enhances business, productivity, and lifestyle. As a bluArc customer, this webinar will deliver insight as to how additional functionality can positively impact your business, sales growth, […]

13 Feb 2017

WHAT INDUSTRIES ARE BETTER SUITED FOR CLOUD-BASED PHONE SYSTEMS? When looking at various options for your business, a reasonable question to ask would be: Are there industries or types of businesses that are better suited to using a cloud-based phone system? The answer would be most industries and types of businesses would be better suited. […]

30 Jan 2017

Do you find it difficult to stay focused at work? Even if we love what we do, sometimes we find ourselves getting distracted. This is normal at work, but we can make those distractions less frequent while increasing our productivity. Here are five suggestions that will help you keep focused at work: IDEAL WORK SPACE […]

14 Jul 2016

bluArc Hosted Business Phone & Internet Services announces new Redundant Internet Services New offering far exceeds Internet Service of common VoIP Providers July 14, 2016 – Ottawa, Ontario – bluArc, Canada’s #1 hosted business phone company, announced today that it will be introducing redundant internet services to its Canadian client base. The company, one that […]